FREE 8-hour Storytelling Residencies for Public

All of our events connect to the May Festival in one way or another.  This page lists our last 2017 free 8-hour Storytelling Residency that happens every January-March at River’s Bend Senior Center.  We already had two completed residencies at the Riverton and the Taylorsville Senior Center in 2017.

Click on the pdf files of Frequently Asked Questions on the Residencies:

FAQs-Community Members and Story Crossroads Residencies

FAQs-Successful Stories & May Festival

Click on the pdf file of the free Storytelling Residencies:

Flier-Storytelling Residency for Multi-Generations (Ages 8+)


Our 8-hour Residencies are free and are usually 2-hour sessions over a certain space of time so that people–teens, families (ages 8+), and adults (ages 18-201) learn how to craft, perform, and polish stories for the stage.

Residency Details–


Event:  Free 8-hour Multi-Generation (Ages 8+) Storytelling Residency

Sponsors:  River’s Bend Senior Center, Story Crossroads

Purpose:  After learning storytelling for four 2-hour sessions once a week, the youth (aged 8+) to adults adults will be performance-ready.  Top tellers will be chosen to tell for Story Crossroads Festival on May 24, 2017 or outreaches before, during, or after the Festival.


River’s Bend Senior Center, 1300 West 300 North, Salt Lake City, UT–Tuesdays/Thursdays, March 7, 9, 14, 16, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Featured Presenter:  Rachel Hedman

Cost: Free, open to people aged 8+

Contact:  Rachel Hedman at or call (801) 870-5799

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