Be a Vendor

We encourage people, organizations, and businesses to support Story Crossroads either as a help to our nonprofit or as a marketing possibility.  Do you have a story-related item to sell or storytelling-focused message to share?

See the forms below to be Sponsor, to Advertise, or have Vendor Booth(s):

2019 Story Crossroads–Ads and Sponsor Details

2019 Story Crossroads–Vendor Agreement

2019 Story Crossroads–Release and Waiver of Liability for Vendors–If you don’t already have Liability Insurance, though we can put you in touch with an Insurance Agent by emailing us at

General Feel for Festival and Future Plans:

With our Festival plus outreaches, we had 4,549 people last year.  Though, at one time, we aim for 400 people with the extra benefit of parents of athletic kids and the visual of the pirate ship that holds 30-40 kids for imaginative play from off of Redwood Road.  By 2020, we aim to have 1,000+ people on location at any one time and continue our growth since we kicked off in 2016.

We have had vendors before though and are now expanding into “We All Have Stories” Family Marketplace, which is free for anyone to enjoy.  There are ticketed concerts at 6:00pm, 7:00pm, and 8:00pm in the South Jordan Community Center Ballroom.

Of course, people are encouraged to see what you have to offer and be inspired with story-related crafts, services, goals, or ideas.  We expect this to continue growing indoors and outdoors.  We have some booths in the South Jordan Community Center and some booths at the Heritage Park.  These two locations share the same parking lot here:  10778 S. Redwood Rd., South Jordan, UT.  In 2020, we will have an outdoor performance tent besides the South Jordan Community Center Ballroom.

For 2019, you can expect:

  • Pirate Ship with REACH Utah
  • Art Truck with Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Mountain Man Petting Zoo (animals are not alive…but able to be petted)
  • Shoulder dragons and visual art by Rowan North
  • “Things on Springs” by Amy Hales that are like marionettes, but on springs
  • Genealogy-focused booths
  • Forever – memory/story preservation tools
  • Memoir-focused booths
  • Nubian Storytellers of Utah Leadership
  • South Jordan Arts Council
  • Story Train, activity for families to enjoy
  • Story Blocks, art craft with some to take home
  • Story Walk, choose-your-own adventure as you go from post to post on the path
  • And much more