Youth from LadakhWhat value does Story Crossroads bring to the community?

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  • YouthHone the natural creativity in youth to use structured spontaneity in how they develop stories and encourage this type of problem-solving to inspire how they work through any situation in life.
  • Teachers-Entertain students’ senses—sight, smell, touch, sound and taste—through narratives merged with the curriculum.
  • SeniorsPreserve and present senior stories so that the people of the past, present, and the future will value the life lessons learned and be inspired to face current situations with added wisdom.
  • Community MembersCollaborate groups and cultures together with a shared goal to transform already strong communities into stronger ones with increased communication and empathy with the result of economic and social growth.
  • Cultural GroupsCelebrate storytelling as inspired by ethnicity as well as other groups unified through common experience of the past and the present.
  • Business PeopleEncourage more efficient business practices through story skills to increase productivity, establish stronger communications, and develop more engaging and caring leaders.