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We appreciate you.  All of you.  You support the cause in both idea and with financial backing.  No matter if you gave $1 to $1,000 to $10,000+…you are a shooting light that brightens this world.  Thus, you are inducted into the Globe of Fame.

Fiscal Sponsor

USG logo-compressed

The Utah Storytelling Guild is our fiscal sponsor and the Guild Board unanimously voted to give $500 in start-up costs.  Go to the Guild’s website here:

In-Kind Contributor

Salt Lake County Library Services Logo

The Salt Lake County Library Services has provided in-kind donations to include promotional material and use of Library facilities for concerts, workshops, residencies and the April Festival.  Go to the Salt Lake County Library Services’ website here:

Organization Funder


Story Crossroads has received funding ($1,910) from Utah Humanities to assist with Translation Services.  Utah Humanities (UH) empowers groups and individuals to improve their communities through active engagement in the humanities.  Go to the UH’s website here:

UDAM logo

Story Crossroads received two OnStage Utah grants as well as a grant to assist the Grand Stories Project.  The Utah Division of Arts and Museums seeks to advance the quality of life for all through arts experiences and cultural opportunities.  Go to the UDAM’s website here:

westaf_logo_transparent-480x193  nea-logo-960

Story Crossroads received a Tourwest grant to help bring Christopher Agostino as a featured teller.  The mission of the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) is to strengthen the financial, organizational, and policy infrastructure of the arts in the West.   Go to the WESTAF website here:  The WESTAF receives funding from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and thus we are also grateful to this support.  You can go to the NEA website here:


Story Crossroads received a Project Support grant “Around the World: The Tellable, Edible Art Project” that involves collaboration with Bad Dog Arts.  The Salt Lake City Arts Council’s mission is to promote, present, and support artists, arts organizations, and arts activities in order to further the development of the arts community and to benefit the public by expanding awareness, access, and participation.  Got to the Arts Council website here:

Individual Donors (Order of Giving)

David & Lori Ann Parkinson

 Stephen & Teresa Gashler (see and

Holly Robison (see

Tim & Lori Wyatt

Kim Davis

Julie Barnson (see

Scott & Kathleen Lund

Laurie Allen  (see



Wayne Kartchner

Dr. Kathryn Mackay

Dr. Ann L. Ellis

Suzanne Hudson (see

Godfrey Coppinger (see

Jim & Carol Chevalier

Marilyn McPhie (see

Yvonne Healy (see

Clive Romney (see or

Tim Ereneta (see

Jim Luter

Tyler & Shara Bowles

David Bullock & Cathy Barker (see

Julie Jensen

Sean Buvala (see

Doris Sexton

Kate Dudding (see

Clarisse Offen

Julianne Hyma

Peter Wallendal

Todd & Kelli Ritter

LaRee Jones

Stephanie Simper of Aspen Winds (see

Arnold Parkinson


Honoring Anonymous Donors

Some of you prefer your donations to be anonymous.  We respect that wish.

In your honor, the count of anonymous donors so far: 27

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